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I am a self-proclaimed girlie girl who loves frou frou and pink and dressing up. Yeah. I'm THAT chick. A recent divorcee, I am beginning a new life as a single person. I started this site at the encouragement of my friends, who insisted that some of the crazy things that were happening to me needed to be documented and shared because, really, WHO would believe this stuff??

I work for a non-profit in the Los Angeles area, and help them bring in the bucks so they can keep doing the good deeds that they do. I am also an accomplished singer/songwriter, and recently won a big award for one of tunes from one of the major songwriting competitions. No, you haven't heard it yet...but I sincerely hope someday you do.

I adore dogs, and have a large shepherd mix I rescued in early 2005. He's big. Very big. His name is Django, but I call him Pun'kin. Because he has the biggest pumpkin head E V E R. He is not froofy.

What I am: newly divorced, outgoing (most of time), love music (all of the time), happy, adventurous, photographer, I heart my DVR and iPod, major gadget geek, philanthropist, creative, stubborn, silly, goofy, and at times…clumsy. The real reason I never worked as a waitress? I’ve fallen on my ass or run in to things more times than I care to admit. It would be a veeeery bad idea for me to walk through a room with a tray full of breakables. Need I say more?

What I am not: drama queen, sports fanatic, oh-poor-me, smoker, or lover of Mexican food.